Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Are you a Parent helping your Teenager to find work?

Are you a Parent helping your Teenager to find work? Then we can help you with the process.

We are more than aware that not all teenagers and young people want to continue learning and go on to higher and further education. For them a traineeship, an apprenticeship, or a job might be the best option. However, the majority of the information out there is geared heavily towards teenagers continuing in education for as long as possible.

Our database is divided into three age-based sectors: 13-15 year olds; 16-17 year olds; and 18+

If your teenager is under 16 then they will only be able to seek out part-time work, but the skills and experience they gain from doing a part time job will prepare them for any future opportunities, as well as giving them some money of their own to spend.

We wish that more employers would consider introducing apprenticeship schemes. There is still some Government assistance for those firms willing to offer places. Our own data and research shows that there are thousands of teenagers aged 16-17 who would prefer to work as an apprentice, if the places were out there.

Older teenagers and school leavers are generally more focused on their options and whether or not further education is right for them. An 18 year old with real work experience on their CV will stand out to employers as being work-ready.

We encourage all parents to visit the Parents & Guardians section of our website and pick up some useful tips and advice.

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