Tuesday 21 November 2023

Can Jobs4teens help employers find candidates?

 Can Jobs4teens help employers find candidates?

Employers! If you regularly employ young staff at your business or organisation, then you will already know that recruiting replacements to fill any vacancies can be both costly and time consuming.

We have a subscription-based business model that is specifically designed to supply our clients with pre-screened, work-ready young candidates to fill any vacancies that arise.

The monthly membership subscriptions being offered via our website are attractive to businesses both large and small.

We can also tailor our service to meet your company’s specific requirements.

If you are looking to find just one candidate, or if you want to test our service, then our Standard Service is just £99

Promoting your available job on our Jobs Board will reach teenagers across the United Kingdom.

We currently have over 65,000 registered candidates on our database.

These are teenagers and young people looking for opportunities to work as either part time or temporary staff, as well as those looking to begin their careers through an apprenticeship scheme or a structured training programme.

We are really enthusiastic about finding roles for our registered candidates. If you have jobs for 15 year olds, jobs for 16 year olds or jobs for 18 year olds then contact us to find out how Jobs4teens can find you the young employees you are looking for.

Small businesses looking to find just one trainee staff member have had success using our Standard Service.

Large businesses that employ many young people, and have a need to replace staff who move on to new opportunities, use our Select Service or our Premium Service to make sure that they receive as many applicants as they need.

Our Select Service and our Premium Service are Monthly Subscription Services that enable us to build an ongoing working relationship with our client. We can tailor our service to the needs of the client. We have learnt that different employers have different Human Resources departments. Some clients prefer to receive all applications and use their in-house HR Personnel to filter those applications. Other clients prefer us to filter applications so fewer CVs are sent, but these are a closer match to the criteria being looked for.

So, if you regularly employ just one, or one hundred teenagers, then take a look.

We could save you both time and money!!!

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Wednesday 15 November 2023

Can Jobs4teens help find Candidates?

Can Jobs4teens help find Candidates?

Jobs4teens can help your business find the candidates it requires.

We successfully find the right candidates for our clients.


Our recently launched Jobs Board is the best place to promote roles in your business:


Did you know that Jobs4teens can also be your gateway to over 36,000 registered UK teenagers from diverse backgrounds?

By tapping into this huge talent pool, your business can benefit from fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and unique talents.

Discover the advantages: Don't miss out on the opportunity to build a strong and sustainable workforce.

 Ring our team today on 0330 122 9902 or 07387 758 056 and ask us how many registered candidates there are in your area? We are always happy to help.


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Friday 20 October 2023

Have You Visited our New Jobs Board?


Have You Visited our New Jobs Board?

We have recently launched our own Jobs Board to better promote the opportunities we are asked to promote by our clients.

We found that our clients require a bespoke service that we could not provide without creating our own Jobs Board.

We always knew that we wanted to promote a wide range of opportunities to our young candidates.

The New Jobs Board enables us to provide the service wanted by our clients.

Not only can we promote Part-time and Full-time roles for businesses, but we can better promote Apprenticeships & Training Courses for those companies that offer them.

The Jobs Board has also given us the opportunity to offer space to companies that might not currently have the need to promote a role, but they might benefit from being seen by the hundreds of young people who visit the website each month.

The main website attracts young people regularly, as well as their parents, at the time of writing we now have over 36,000 registered candidates on our database.

These are primarily aged 15 to 19 years old. They have made that first step of registering with us, we now want to reward that enthusiasm by telling them about new opportunities that are listed in their area.

Registered candidates will be notified of any new listings in their vicinity.

Businesses and organisations can choose a single listing at a fixed cost, or they can subscribe & save by paying a monthly fee that gives them multiple listings at a lower cost.

Contact us to find our more:

Tel: 0330 122 9902


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Tuesday 12 September 2023

Elevate Your Coaching Career with GK Icon!


Elevate Your Coaching Career with GK Icon!

Empowering Young Goalkeepers, One Save at a Time


In the realm of football, the goalkeeper holds a position of paramount importance. They are the last line of defence, the unsung heroes of the game. Behind every exceptional goalkeeper is a coach who has nurtured their talent, honed their skills, and instilled in them the confidence to face any challenge on the pitch.

We are delighted to spotlight a distinguished company that has been at the forefront of goalkeeper development in the UK – GK Icon. With a rich legacy of excellence, this academy has been instrumental in shaping the careers of numerous goalkeepers, both young and seasoned.


Meet Richard Lee - The Face of Goalkeeping Excellence:

Richard Lee, a Premier League veteran with Watford and a career that spanned Blackburn, Fulham, and Brentford, is at the helm of this exceptional academy. He is not only a seasoned goalkeeper but also a bestselling author of "Life Lessons of a Professional Footballer." Richard has an extensive media career, with contributions to Sky Sports, Talksport, and Love Sport radio.

Richard Lee is rapidly emerging as the prominent voice of goalkeeping in the UK. His Football Agency has fostered excellent relationships with the majority of football league goalkeeper coaches. In 2007, Richard founded GK Icon, dedicating his life to goalkeepers and goalkeeper training. His football agency, known as RPM, stands as the number one football agency for goalkeepers globally. RPM recently secured the notable transfer of Ben Foster to Wrexham.

Unveiling Opportunities:

Goalkeeping Coach:

Guiding Potential to Greatness: Lead invigorating training sessions that seamlessly blend technical prowess with tactical acumen. Immerse yourself in an environment where passion for the game is nurtured.

International Exposure: Stand a chance to coach at prestigious camps in Spain and Holland, broadening your coaching horizons.

Lead Goalkeeping Coach:

Steering the Future of Goalkeeping: Take charge of mentoring and guiding young goalkeepers towards a path of triumph. Your expertise will play a pivotal role in their journey to success.

International Prestige: The opportunity to coach at renowned international goalkeeping camps awaits you.

Trainee Goalkeeping Coach:

Embark on a Rewarding Journey: Assist in coaching young goalkeepers, fostering their growth and development. No prior coaching experience is necessary, as comprehensive training will be provided.

Age 13 and Above: This role opens doors for enthusiastic individuals, aged 13 and above, looking to make their mark in the world of goalkeeping coaching.

The GK Icon Difference:

At GK Icon, it's not just about stopping shots. It's about instilling discipline, fostering teamwork, and building character. The academy provides a holistic environment where young talents not only refine their skills but also emerge as responsible and dedicated individuals.

Join their Team:

If you're passionate about goalkeeping and eager to contribute to the growth of young talents, we invite you to explore these opportunities with GK Icon.

Application Details:

Email: candidates@jobs4teens.co.uk

Text: Send your name, postcode, and desired job title to 07387 758056

Online Application: Visit Jobs4Teens Application Page to apply. https://www.totaljobs.com/jobs-at/jobs4teens/jobs

Together, let's celebrate the journey of young goalkeepers and the coaches who shape their futures!

Thursday 31 August 2023

Navigating Exam Result Setbacks: Your Pathway to Success with Jobs4teens


Navigating Exam Result Setbacks: Your Pathway to Success with Jobs4teens


Life doesn't always follow a linear path, and neither does success. If your recent exam results have left you feeling uncertain, don't worry – you're not alone. Many successful individuals have faced setbacks before finding their stride. This blog post aims to guide you through the next steps, with a spotlight on how Jobs4teens can be your compass towards finding full-time jobs, part-time jobs, or apprenticeships that align with your aspirations.


Exploring Apprenticeships: Unleash Your Potential with Guidance from Jobs4teens


At the crossroads of work and education, apprenticeships offer hands-on experience and structured learning. Jobs4teens understands the importance of these opportunities and works closely with employers to provide a seamless connection between young talent and apprenticeship programs.


On our platform, you can search for available apprenticeships in your area and easily apply directly from the website. We enable employers and young people to connect, ensuring you have the resources you need to make informed decisions and start your journey toward success.



Full-Time Jobs: Your Launchpad to the Working World


Are you ready to dive into the world of work? Jobs4teens can be your gateway to a multitude of full-time job opportunities. Our platform not only connects you with openings in various industries but also provides insights into job descriptions, requirements, and growth prospects.

With Jobs4teens by your side, you can confidently take the first step towards building a fulfilling career journey.


Part-Time Jobs: Balancing Work and Learning


Part-time jobs are more than just an income source – they offer a chance to develop crucial skills while pursuing your education. Jobs4teens features a diverse range of part-time opportunities that align with your interests and availability. Our platform ensures you stay updated on job listings that suit your schedule, empowering you to strike the perfect balance between work and learning.


Your Journey with Jobs4teens Begins Here


In the face of exam result uncertainties, Jobs4teens serves as a guiding light towards a future full of potential. Whether you're seeking apprenticeships, full-time jobs, part-time opportunities, or specialised training, our platform is your ally.

With Jobs4teens, you're not just searching for a job – you're embarking on a journey to discover your passions, unlock your potential, and shape a successful and fulfilling career.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general guidance purposes only. Individual circumstances may vary, and it's recommended to explore options based on personal goals and aspirations.


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Tuesday 8 August 2023

Boost Your Reach with Jobs4teens


Boost Your Reach with Jobs4teens

Promote Your Apprenticeship Vacancies and Employment Skills Courses Effectively!

 In today's competitive job market, connecting with the right talent is crucial for training providers offering apprenticeship vacancies and employment skills courses. To effectively reach young individuals, look no further than Jobs4teens! Jobs4teens provides a powerful solution to connect training providers with thousands of eager young minds seeking opportunities to kickstart their careers. With over 35,000 teenagers registered with us across the UK, Jobs4teens offers an extensive reach to young individuals. Plus, take advantage of our special promotional rate, with prices starting from as little as £99.


Extensive Reach to Engaged Young Talent:

Jobs4teens is a thriving community with over 35,000 active teenagers seeking apprenticeships and employment skills courses. As a training provider, you gain access to this vast pool of talent actively looking to enhance their skills and embark on rewarding career journeys. By posting your apprenticeship vacancies and courses on Jobs4teens, you can significantly boost your reach and ensure that your opportunities are seen by the right audience.

Targeted Job Alerts:

With our database of over 35,000 registered teenagers.

When training providers post apprenticeship vacancies or employment skills courses, Jobs4teens delivers these opportunities directly to the inboxes of relevant candidates. This targeted approach ensures that your vacancies receive maximum exposure to those who are genuinely interested and well-suited for the positions.

Enhanced Visibility with SEO Optimisation:

At Jobs4teens, we understand the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) to increase your online visibility. When you post your apprenticeship vacancies and employment skills courses on our platform, our SEO-optimised system ensures that your offerings rank higher in search results, making it easier for potential candidates to find and apply for your opportunities.

Comprehensive Employer Profiles:

Training providers can create detailed and compelling employer profiles on Jobs4teens. This feature allows you to showcase your organisation's mission, values, and commitment to nurturing young talent. A well-crafted profile enhances your credibility and attracts candidates who resonate with your vision.

Real-time Applicant Tracking:

Managing applications and keeping track of candidates can be time-consuming. With Jobs4teens' sending suitable candidates to your email, you can efficiently manage applications, communicate with candidates, and track their progress throughout the recruitment process. This streamlines your hiring process and ensures that you never miss out on the best talent.

Are you ready to take your recruitment efforts to the next level?

Special Promotional Rate: Prices start from as little as £99!

Become a Featured Employer on Our Website:

As a featured employer, you get direct reach to our registered talent pool, ensuring prime visibility for your apprenticeship vacancies and employment skills courses. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to stand out in the crowd!

Contact Us Today to Find Out More:

To explore our special promotional rate and the benefits of becoming a featured employer, contact our team today. Let us help you connect with the right young talent and propel your training programs toward success!

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Wednesday 5 July 2023

Unlocking Opportunities: Exploring Career Paths After Education


Unlocking Opportunities: Exploring Career Paths After Education

Introduction: Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey after leaving education? The world is filled with endless possibilities and diverse careerpaths awaiting you.

In this blog post, we will delve into the various opportunities available, including apprenticeships, vocational training, and full-time jobs. Let's uncover the pros and cons of each path as you shape your successful career.

Apprenticeships: Learning Through Experience


Practical skills development: Apprenticeships offer on-the-job training, allowing you to acquire valuable hands-on skills and industry-specific knowledge.

Earning while learning: Many apprenticeships provide a salary, enabling you to support yourself financially while gaining experience.

Direct mentorship: Working alongside experienced professionals provides invaluable guidance and mentorship opportunities.

Increased employability: Apprenticeships often lead to employment within the company or industry, giving you a head start in your career.


Limited earning potential initially: While apprenticeships may provide financial support, the starting salary may be lower compared to some full-time jobs.

Competitive application process: Securing an apprenticeship can be competitive, requiring a strong application and interview performance.

Restricted career choices: Apprenticeships are industry-specific, limiting your options if you decide to switch career paths in the future.

Vocational Training: Building Practical Expertise


Targeted skill acquisition: Vocational training programmes focus on developing practical skills directly relevant to specific industries, enhancing your employability.

Shorter time frame: Vocational training is often completed in a shorter period compared to traditional higher education, allowing for quicker entry into the workforce.

Hands-on learning: Vocational training emphasises practical application, giving you real-world experience from the start.

Job placement assistance: Many vocational training programmes offer job placement support and connections with industry partners.


Limited academic qualifications: Some employers may prefer candidates with higher education degrees for certain positions or career advancement opportunities.

Specialised career paths: Vocational training is typically geared towards specific industries or trades, which may limit your options if you desire a broader career scope.

Continuous learning and adaptability: As industries evolve, staying up-to-date with new technologies and practises may require ongoing training and upskilling.

Full-Time Jobs: Entering the Workforce


Immediate income: Full-time jobs provide a stable income and financial independence, allowing you to support yourself and build a strong foundation.

Practical experience: Starting your career directly after education enables you to gain real-world experience and apply your skills in a professional setting.

Career advancement opportunities: Full-time jobs often offer career progression paths, allowing you to climb the ladder and take on more responsibilities over time.

Networking and professional connections: Building relationships with colleagues, superiors, and industry professionals can lead to future opportunities and career growth.


Limited initial job options: Entry-level positions may have limited responsibilities and lower salaries, requiring perseverance to work your way up.

Less time for further education: Engaging in full-time work may limit the time available for pursuing higher education or training programmes.

Learning curve: Starting a full-time job can be challenging as you adjust to the demands and expectations of the professional world.

Conclusion: As you contemplate your post-education path, remember that there are numerous opportunities available to shape your successful career. Consider the pros and cons of apprenticeships, vocational training, and full-time jobs, aligning them with your aspirations and personal preferences. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and growth as you unlock your true potential.

At Jobs4teens, we're committed to supporting you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out to our Candidates Team at candidates@jobs4teens.co.uk for any assistance or further information.

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