Thursday, 6 September 2018

Taking on a Teen, more than just filling a gap in your workforce, 6th September 2018

Taking on a Teen, more than just filling a gap in your workforce
More and more businesses are recognising the benefits of employing a young person on a part time basis.
A survey carried out by Investors in People last year shows that the top reasons for employers seeking young people are:

- ability to be moulded (32 per cent of employers)
- enthusiasm (30 per cent of employers 
- willingness to learn (20 per cent of employers)

The benefits are MUCH more than just filing a gap where you need a member of staff.

Save you money long term on recruitment. Teenagers can offer a cost-effective way to grow a workforce. If you put time and thought into who you recruit, this can result in a very positive return on investment. Build loyalty with your younger workforce by giving them an opportunity some others wouldn’t and invest some time in them and look at longer term opportunities with them post A Level or post grad. You can save money on recruiting a young person via our employer vacancy portal at jobs4teens by posting your jobs here. And don’t forget, we don’t charge small local companies so please let us know if we can help by dropping us a line

A better corporate image. A better image from clients, shareholders, employees. Are you meeting your Corporate Social Responsibility obligations as a business (whatever your size)? Investing in local teen talent is a low cost, easy and active means of working towards achieving the social and economic element of your CSR. Its great local or national PR. Benefit your local community and boost your brand!

Young People can help develop your workforce. As well as financial benefits, introducing a young person to a team can give your staff the opportunity to develop their own skills, such training and management. A young person can bring in fresh perspectives, ideas and solutions, even increasing friendly competition in a team. Taking on a young person can also give you the opportunity to have greater influence in the kind of employee they become. You can work with them to encourage common values and good practices from the outset, help prepare them for their next move after GCSEs, an apprenticeship, A Levels or a degree.

Are you a Teenager looking for a Job? Then view all our jobs available at jobs4teens

Young people are enthusiastic and full of energy! Yes, they are! Jobs4teens has thousands of them. Most register with a CV have put time and thought into this and present themselves incredibly professionally despite being young and not always having any work experience. Whilst we offer them advice, most don’t really need much. Of course they're motivated by money and their earnings – who isn’t? BUT, many recognise there is much more to an opportunity than the financial gains.

In the right environment and with the right supervision, young people can excel within a company and surprise even the most apprehensive of employers. 


This information was brought to you by: Part Time Work for Teenagers in association with: The Teenage Recruitment Specialist