Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Do you need help with your Interview Preparation for that Part-time Job?


Do you need help with your Interview Preparation for that Part-time Job? Then read on…….

So, you’ve worked hard on your CV and you’ve asked us at Jobs4teens for some help, you’ve read our CV advice jobs4teens blog,  you’ve sent off and handed in loads of CVs, you’ve followed up with phonecalls and now, finally, you’ve got an interview.  It doesn’t matter if it’s for a full-time position, part-time job or a holiday job, the basic interview principles apply right across the board.

What to wear……

Always err on the side of caution and dress smartly. Even if the employer says it’s going to be just “an informal chat”, or even if the job is a small part-time job, like dog walking or a paper round – show your employer you are a professional young person. Don’t wear trainers, or sportswear, and keep your make up to a minimum. Trousers or a skirt and a plain shirt are fine, you don’t need to go in a suit, and there’s never anything wrong in wearing your school uniform if needs be (with or without the tie).

Preparation and research……

Before the interview do a little research. Who is the employer? How long have they been in business? How much can you find out about the company online to show you’ve done your research? You could read online customer reviews on their Facebook page or Google Reviews, or customer comments on Twitter, or photo posts on Instagram.

Write down and take your notes with you and take a pen. Take a copy of your CV in case you need to refer to this in your interview.  If the employer didn’t ask for a CV then take a copy anyway and as always, if you need any help with your CV, then please let us know at

Has your interviewer asked you to take anything with you?  Like a copy of your exam results or your passport? Don’t forget these. You will not want to come across as disorganised.

Getting there………

How are you going to get to the interview? If you’re going by public transport or car then allow extra time during rush hour. Its ok to be early, but not too early. We reckon 10 to 15 mins beforehand is about right. If you’re earlier than that, then have a walk round the block to gather your thoughts and use up some time. 

Will you be walking there? We know it’s not always a great look, but borrow an umbrella, you might be thankful of it. If you’re ever unsure about your route or travelling time, then do a trial run the day before to test your journey out.

The clichés………

As your folks at home might say – ‘Just be yourself’. Be honest if you’ve not got any prior experience. At Jobs4teens we work with employers who know you’re not likely to have much experience if you’re at school or college. Your hobbies interests and ambitions are just as important at this stage, so try and talk about your commitment to a sports team, your dedication to rehearsing for your band, or how this part-time job is going to be relevant to any future career choices.

Do you have any questions……?

Take a list of any questions that you might want to ask about the company, the job and maybe your potential work colleagues. Take more questions than think you might need as many of them might be answered during the interview itself leaving you with nothing other than, “Ummm, I think you answered everything I wanted to ask.”  at the end.

Use any unanswered questions from your research and your notes – For example:  “How long have you been in business for?” or “What are your busiest times of the year?”

That’s it…….

Please let us know how you get on at interview. We love to hear about your success stories, and we’re always happy to offer you any guidance or help if you need it when preparing for an interview, or if you think that one you have attended went badly………. Just drop us a line or message us on 07387 758 056


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