Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Do you need some help writing your CV?

Do you need some help writing your CV? Then we have some hints, tips and advice. Learning the art of good CV writing is going to help you to land the job opportunity you apply for.

Your CV is designed to be a summary of your experience, skills and education.

In the world of recruitment, it is often said that employers will spend a maximum of 30 seconds reviewing a CV. This is not very long to make a great impression and stand out from the crowd.

Your CV should be written with one purpose in mind – to make somebody want to meet you in person.

Target your CV to the job, it is very common to have more than one CV, ready for the different opportunities which might arise.
Consider your layout. Your CV must be clear, logical and easy to read. There are plenty of downloadable CV templates online.

Keep it concise, the general rule is not to go over 2 or 3 pages.

Avoid cliche's, don’t use statements like “I love working as part of a team”, “I’m dynamic” or “I have good attention to detail” as they lose their impact, employers want to hear about ‘YOU’

Make the content do the talking, not the CV template you have used. A fancy layout and bright colours are unnecessary. Save selling your personality for the interview

Proof read what you have written thoroughly, and try to make sure your spelling and grammar are perfect
Honesty is the best policy, never be tempted to lie, or exaggerate your skills and experience on your CV

The interview will be in the bag!!
Keep your personal statement brief and use it to promote what you could add the business you are hoping to work for.

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