Wednesday, 8 August 2018

So, today we met Esther McVey, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, 8th August 2018.

So, today the Jobs 4 Teens team met Esther McVey, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and Tatton MP.  She launched a Summer Jobs campaign a few weeks ago and we got straight onto her office to get a meeting with her!

Esther’s campaign was launched a few weeks ago – “The decline of this work over past decades has seen a cultural shift with young people having an increased focus on education and training solely before moving into the world of work. Working alongside studying has many benefits beyond providing additional cash in your pocket. I want young people to consider how part time and seasonal work can complement, not compete, with their education.”

She’s spot on! And we met today to have a chat about her campaign and how Jobs 4 Teens can work with her to encourage and support young people in getting a part time job, and, also how to encourage employers to take on younger teens. Esther said she loved our model and vision of what we can offer to young people to set them up with skills and experiences they wouldn’t gain in the classroom.

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Esther’s Summer Jobs campaign focuses on jobs mostly for those aged 18 and over so we discussed the high demand from the under 16s and difficulty in finding employers to take on the younger age range we work with. There is a huge demand from teenagers under 16, but not as many jobs as we would like. We agreed that often employers are reluctant as regulations are tighter for someone under 16 and they must apply for a licence. Its not a complicated or onerous process and Jobs 4 Teens can help and advise

The problem here is that we need opportunities for the younger workforce as these are our future personnel, our future GCSE and future A Level students. Along with the other obvious benefits, having a job at a younger age can help increase your chances of getting a college place or an apprenticeship.
Well, we have advice here to make sure our younger users and their parents apply common sense and let us know of any concerns. We try to verify employers where possible and will always hold off on a vacancy until we are satisfied the role is proper and relevant to the age they are recruiting for.  (We’ll soon be doing a blog on safety in preparation for the shorter days – this will be particularly useful to those of you who have a paper round, for example.)

Is your company looking to employ a teenager, particularly one aged 13-16, and not sure about the law on Child Employment? Jobs 4 Teens can help with that! We are working in partnership with SagegreenHR who provide independent HR advice for employers. Any questions about Child Employment Law? Email

So, all this got us thinking – if an employer has to apply for a licence to take on an under 16, then how many companies across Greater Manchester have applied in the last couple of years? Well, we have contacted some Local Authorities to ask and when we do find out we’ll be taking our findings back to Esther!
To be continued…..

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