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More than just the money. The benefits of being a working teen, 17th August 2018

More than just the money. The benefits of being a working teen. 17th August 2018

The Princes Trust Youth Index (their annual report)  for 2018 has focused heavily on young peoples ambitions, opportunities and well being. Young people feel ambitious about their career, but a lack of confidence and skills are still significant barriers to overcome.

Having a job when you’re in school or college not only puts some money in your pocket but gives you work experience, independence, confidence and a better idea of the type of career you want. Experience outside of the classroom can boost your chances of being accepted for an apprenticeship, a place at college or university.

The most obvious benefit to getting a job in school or college is that you’ll be earning some cash. Even if the job doesn’t pay well, or relate to your future career, or seem all that fun, there are still loads of benefits to having a part time job.

You will learn the importance of money management. When you start earning your own money, you will gain a better understanding of how to handle it. Working hard for your money will help you appreciate important personal finance such as the benefits of budgeting and the importance of saving.
You’ll Learn New Skills. No matter what your first job is, even if it seems incredibly easy and/or incredibly boring, you’re guaranteed to pick up skills you didn’t have before. These skills can include anything from learning how to work a till, to building customer service skills, to figuring out the knack to balancing all those restaurant plates on your arms at once. The skills you learn may not be that interesting to you, and they may not be anything close to the skills you need for your future career, but it never hurts to gain new knowledge. It may end up being interesting or useful to you down the line.

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You will learn how to handle responsibility. Being a good student takes a lot of responsibility but if you learn how to balance school studies/hobbies and a part-time job, you will learn the true meaning of responsibility. As you grow older, your amount of responsibilities will only increase so learning how to multitask at an early age will better prepare you for the future.

You will build confidence. Confidence in lots of areas but by earning some cash, knowing that your employer and colleagues rely on you, learning from new situations and dealing with types of people from all walks of life that you wouldn’t normally deal with, are all great ways of developing and building confidence and pride in what you do. If you’ve waited on tables and dealt with an angry customer calmly and politely, then this all translates to other areas of your personal and professional life.

You will show future employers / college admissions officers that you are motivated to succeed. Most college admissions officers like seeing work experience on an application. To them, working a part-time job shows maturity and conscientiousness and it doesn’t matter if it isn’t a job related to your studies. ANY experience is good experience.

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And most of all, use a job as an escape! It can often be a welcome focus from the pressures of studies, homework, exams and even life at home The Princes Trust Youth Index gauged young people’s happiness and confidence across a range of areas from working life to physical health. The latest report demonstrates that young people’s wellbeing has fallen again to a new low this year. You can read the full report here. At Jobs4Teens, we believe that wellbeing, whether its emotional or physical, can be boosted by financial security, self confidence, pride and self awareness – all these things you would get from having a part time job.
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